• Get Hooked in Family Circle Easy Crochet

    February 19th, 2007KimReviews

    What a pleasant surprise! i picked up the spring 2007 issue of FC Easy Crochet this weekend, and there was Get Hooked right there on page 14. Cool! Here’s what they say about the book:

    “Though it’s aimed at the middle-school set, too-cool patterns (including punky fingerless gloves and a pleated miniskirt) may convince you to pick up a copy of this beginner book for yourself. The author… offers clear instructions and hip Web resources in addition to such extras as info on dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid, forming crochet clubs, and choosing movies to crochet by.”

    I’m literally drooling to make the colorwork bag in this magazine. Gotta meet some more deadlines before I get all reckless and start fun projects, though.

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