• 4-Star Review!

    February 7th, 2007KimReviews

    Get Hooked was awarded a 4-star (out of 4!) review and is listed as “highly recommended” by The Manitoba Library Association‘s Canadian Review of Materials.

    “This book will hook you from the moment you see the cover with its vibrant colours, fresh faced models and really cool crocheted items…

    The book begins with an Introduction: Why Crochet? In language that will appeal to tweens and teens, the author says why crocheting is an addictive pastime but also warns that it is important to take frequent breaks to stretch your fingers and rotate your wrists. Excellent advice I did not expect to find in this book. Informative hints and tidbits appear throughout this extremely user-friendly manual. Interesting asides such as crocheting for charity, using hoop earrings as stitch markers, how to start a crochet club or host a crocheting party and how to felt yarn all help keep this craft book inspirational.”

    The reviewer’s daughter loved the book, and has even made a few projects from it. The review is quite long; I only quoted a small bit of it. Woo hoo!

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