• Crochet Insider Interview

    December 18th, 2006KimInterviews, Reviews

    When we were in New York for the MOTC book tour, I had the pleasure of spending time with crochet designer Dora Ohrenstein (look for a fab design of hers in Chain Reaction next fall). She’s just published our chat in Crochet Insider. Check it out for all sorts of stuff about Crochet Me, my terrible singing voice, the hotness of crochet right now, and why it’s important to write well.

    Amy O’Neill Houck also wrote a great review of Get Hooked (scroll down), in which she describes it as, “the book my young crochet students have been looking for.” Awesome. (Full disclosure: Amy designed an awesome tie-front vest for Chain Reaction, but that’s no reason for her to like Get Hooked so much, right?)

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