• Knitty City – Only In NYC

    October 30th, 2006KimMonsters of Teen Craft Book Tour

    I just discovered that I didn’t take any photos at our event at Knitty City. D’oh! See, it was a weird kind of night.

    When I got to the store early to meet Dora Ohrenstein (hi Dora!), the weather was grey but not terribly threatening. By the time Dora and I headed back to the store after grabbing some tea, the skies weren’t holding back as the rain pounded the concrete jungle – sideways. And it didn’t stop all night. Poor Shannon arrived soaked to the bone.

    Oh, and that was also the night a Yankees pitcher had a plane accident on the East Side. I imagine all but the handful of people in the store were bundled up at home on the couch watching CNN.

    That said, Knitty City is a fabulous store. Pearl, the owner, is super friendly, and the yarn. Oh, the yarn. I bought Sea Silk at Knitty City. Yum. And it was great fun to hang out with Dora and to meet Kimberli, who came by to see Shannon.

    We’ll have to visit Knitty City again on a day with lovely weather. For your viewing pleasure, here I am on the train the next day with my newly-wound ball of Sea Silk.

    Sea Silk, all wound up

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