• Magic At Mind’s Eye Yarns

    October 9th, 2006KimMonsters of Teen Craft Book Tour

    Meet Lucy, the amazing owner of Mind’s Eye Yarns, who had us over on Saturday despite her wicked cold. Before the event started, when there happened to be enough time to chill for a while, Lucy sat me down in front of an Ashford Joy and she taught me how to spin. Spin. On a spinning wheel. I am in love. Lucy’s the kind of teacher who doesn’t make you feel like you’re being taught — suddenly you’re just doing something you’d never done before, and she’s standing there at just the right moment to tell you how to do it better. Then, when we were ready to head out, Lucy gave me some roving. She is an enabler. And I am a spinner. Oh, yes. I feel it.

    Mind's Eye Yarns - Cambridge, MA

    Meet Julia and Rick, a knitter and spinner, respectively. We had fun chilling out and talking about our favourite things. Um. Yarn and fiber.

    Mind's Eye Yarns - Cambridge, MA

    Meet Rose & Ariel. Dude. Ariel’s knitted 32 pairs of socks this year.

    Mind's Eye Yarns - Cambridge, MA

    It was such a lovely afternoon. I’m sure by the time I get to Boston next, I’ll be able to show Lucy some handspun. Oh, yeah.

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