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    October 6th, 2006KimMonsters of Teen Craft Book Tour

    Have you been to Spark in Somerville, MA? It’ll change your life. It’s huge; it’s bright; they have yarn, beads, paper, and dare I say a bevy of crafty tools; they have workshop rooms. I’m in love.

    We hung out with a small group of peeps tonight, and it was wild fun.


    Spark Crafts - Somerville, MA

    and Renee

    Spark Crafts - Somerville, MA

    and another fabulous woman whose name I can’t remember and whom I didn’t catch in pixels (oops!) welcomed us so warmly.

    I loved meeting Jessica and Christine (Christine’s doing the Forecast Knit-Along, too [and not making any progress either]!):

    Spark Crafts - Somerville, MA

    I chatted lots with Guido (of the It’s A Purl, Man podcast — I did my first podcast interview! He insisted I didn’t sound like a dolt), and attempted a 5-minute crochet lesson. He seemed to really get it. Maybe soon he’ll start a podcast called “It’s A Front Post Double Crochet, Man” [har].

    Spark Crafts - Somerville, MA

    Finally, I met Leah Kramer, of Craftster.org. That was awesome. She’s awesome. Had I any doubt she would be? No. I was a little star-struck, though.

    Spark Crafts - Somerville, MA

    Tomorrow: Mind’s Eye Yarns!

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