• Ah, Adirondack Yarns

    October 5th, 2006KimMonsters of Teen Craft Book Tour

    I’m totally in love with Adirondack Yarns. We were surprised the drive from Albany was going to take so long, and it was totally worth it. Not only was the foliage stunning, Lake Placid is gorgeous, even in horrid weather. And the store owner, Sue, has the genius to serve coffee and warm sandwiches in the store. So, so welcoming. A full house of teens and adults came by, and much fun was had.

    I totally wished I had eight arms cuz so many crochet lesson were in order. Good thing everyone had quite a knack for picking it up! Marina battled fuzzy yarn before switching to a smoother one, and Kate made two flowers (the second without looking at the pattern):

    Adirondack Yarns - Lake Placid, NY

    See that blue yarn? Grace made a HUGE flower with it.

    Adirondack Yarns - Lake Placid, NY

    Lindsey crochets lightening fast. It was so cool to watch.

    Adirondack Yarns - Lake Placid, NY

    Tomorrow I’ll hop a Greyhound to Boston. I love Boston! Come say hi:

    October 6th (Fri.): Spark Crafts – Somerville, MA

    October 7th (Sat.): Mind’s Eye Yarns – Cambridge, MA

    October 8th (Sun.): WEBS – Northampton, MA

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