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    September 29th, 2006KimMonsters of Teen Craft Book Tour

    Greetings from Toronto!

    The tour doesn’t kick off for a couple of days, but Humphrey and I wanted to get settled into east coast time and explore the city a bit before all the excitement begins. Plus, my good friend’s celebrating a birthday tomorrow and I’m excited to spend it with her. (Happy birthday, C!)

    Humphrey, about to embarkAnyway. Here’s Humphrey all geared up for our flight this morning from Vancouver. Those pins help keep his hat on what with all the moving around. You understand.

    When I was setting up this photo, the woman sitting to the right of us looked down and asked, “Is it an internet thing?” What. Is it only internet people who photograph monsters in the airport? Anyway, I replied that “Yes. Yes it is.” And we shared a chuckle.

    So. Toronto’s easily navigable by public transit, which seems to be fairly ubiquitous. I must say, though, that I’m not entirely sure why everyone says it’s so clean. I mean, sure: I wouldn’t eat off the ground in the New York City subway system, but it’s not like TO’s is immaculate. See:

    Toronto Subway

    Tomorrow: Yarn!

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