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    August 16th, 2006KimReviews

    Crochet todayThe new Crochet Today mag gives Get Hooked a great review. Woo hoo! They say I’ve written, “the perfect crochet book for teens. With easy-to-follow instructions and loads of detailed photos, she presents the basics of crochet in an easy-to-understand format.” For that, I must give a huge shout-out to my good friend and photographer extraordinaire, Pamela Bethel. Pam shot all the tutorial photos in the book, and was super patient with me, the first-time hand model. Remind me to write about our two marathon photo shoots in my house…

    But wait! There’s more in Crochet Today’s review: “We really love: The designs require only beginner skills, but are interesting enough to keep experienced crocheters hooked, too.” For that, of course, I must give a huge shout-out to the fabulous designers who came up with awesome patterns for the book. We worked long and hard to make simple designs look uber-cool, even for advanced stitchers. You can learn more about the designers by following the links here.

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  • My 11-year old granddaughter really wanted patterns or ideas (she has always been a freeformer) that are geared toward a teenager. When I saw this book I immediately bought it…there were only two left at Amazon.

    She was absolutely deighted! She knew the stitches. Finishing off was a good thing for her to review. The patterns are wonderful, and the photographs are outstanding.

    I am so glad you wrote this book. Thank you very much. If you decide to write another, I will be in line.

  • Thank you so much, Joy! I’m glad your granddaughter is enjoying the book so much. Look for a follow-up book in about a year…

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