• Get Hooked, On A Poster!

    June 19th, 2006KimBehind the Scenes

    Get Hooked, on a poster!

    Originally uploaded by kpwerker.

    I’m back after a whirlwind six days that involved (in no particular order of importance):

    • TNNA and my first Get Hooked signing (more photos and deets to come)
    • Driving through four states. (Right. I didn’t drive. But I did sit in the back seat, sick.)
    • Lots of planning for the Monsters of Teen Craft book tour, coming to a town near you in October
    • A cockroach the size of Manhattan
    • My first encounter with the NYPD
    • This line, as told to a cab driver at JFK airport: “To La Guardia. As fast as you can!”
    • An airport hotel in Toronto
    • Yarn, yarn, and more yarn
    • A scene made at a restaurant after too much Pepsi and not enough sleep. It did involve banging on the table, a vein popping out of the side of my neck, and Suss Cousins inquiring in response, “Why do crocheters have so much rage?” Yeah. Oy.

    More when I’ve had a chance to catch up.

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